Yellowstone pics redux 2, final

A few animal pics from Yellowstone to substitute those that I screwed up on scoot when my hands were shaking too much to shoot.

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Yellowstone pics, redux

This gallery contains some Yellowstone pics received from Bro Chas.

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…and finally, peeps

I met Bro Chas and his family at Yellowstone. I was staying at a National Forest Service CG three miles outside the East entrance, they were stayin at Canyon village and then at Old Faithful village. Communications were difficult. Very limited cell service (Verizon only). I had only Skype service at the campground. A few days we completely missed each other, one day due to the fact that I failed to carry my phone. The other problem for me was the sheer size of Yellowstone NP. I got very weary riding scoot of twisty winding roads each day into the park, often in showers. I was with Tony and his family for only part of one day. I failed to get a single pic of Tony and Erica, though I did get a couple of the kids. Of course, with Jose stuck in Venezuela fighting Immigration to get back into the US, he wasn’t there for pics.

After everyone else departed, I moved to a CG three miles north of West Yellowstone. As it turns out, this would have been a better base for me. Live and learn. I discovered that my Gen Del package has been sitting in San Diego USPS center for 4 days, so I have to go back to the PO to see if they can shake it loose. Seems that I am trapped in a USPS time warp.

Now, here are a few family pics.

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Rivers and falls

I do not have a pic of every river in Yellowstone. Many are small beautiful clear streams. One, the Yellowstone river, is sizable and has water falls that are very impressive.

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