Soapbox: Utah drivers

Utah drivers are ‘driving’ me crazy. They show no mercy to tourists, visitors, persons looking for ‘that turn off’, speed limits, or anything else. If you are not sure of your route, or do not get there at the fastest possible speed, you are a target. I have been cut short in front, tailgated 5 feet behind, passed in turn off lanes for both directions, almost pushed through traffic signals and other transgressions too long to list here. Mountain roads,interstate highways, city streets, no matter. Keep your affairs in order.

I think that ten Utah drivers and ten Los Angeles drivers placed on an oval track would elevate quickly to a an exciting demolition derby.

Other than that Utah is a wonderful and friendly place to visit. But I must say that the half dozen or so Arizonians that I have encountered in Utah may have been slightly more friendly.

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Beaver Mountain update

As previously mentioned, I went to Logan to buy about 5 things, get a hair cut and look around. I found that Logan is larger than I had originally thought. It is not a college town after all, rather a city with a college. Disappointing.

I left about $360 at Walmart, including the original 5 food items. I found a nifty (well, I will see first time I try it) outside table for cooking outside when boondocking without picnic tables. I recently realized one drawback about boondocking – no facilities means no picnic tables.

I got an air matress for the bed. The 6′-0″ sofa, though helping my back problems, is becoming an annoyance to my 6′-1″ body. If the air mattress does not help the issue I will return it to another Walmart down the road. The foam matress is currently occupying about 77% of my useable space, standing edgewise in the ‘aisle’.

It was too hot to look around town as planned, so I drove back up the mountain after Walmart had it’s way with me.

I plan to depart Tue for Targhee National Forest Palisades Reservoir, Calamity Campground, if I can get in. Elevation is not very high, might be warm there. Go and see, I guess. If I feel something else pulling at me I may end up elsewhere.

I am still boondocking in the large pullout used for hiking, biking, motorbiking, ATVing, snomobiling and horsebacking. I have seen it all, except snomobile. If I were younger this would be the perfect spot! I have been the only RV here until last night when a 5er pulled in at 10:30, started leveling, unhooking, running the genset, but they were as quiet as possible, and the genset was rather quiet. Boy, does solar make one cynical! I still haven’t used the genset.

Beaver Mtn is still treating me well. I think I am bad for business. I have seen more than a few RVs circle here and leave. I think they see me and think this is the campground that is referenced on the sign on the main road. The CG is mile further, and is full-hookup for $19. I was up there this morn, and it had only one occupant beside Steve the Host. I will dump there before I leave ($4).

There was shooting near here yesterday afternoon. I was just mildly interested as I figured it was target practice… until I heard a bullet zing nearby. I left in Jeep for the CG to see if Steve the Host knew anything about it. He did not.

When the shooting stopped I came back and looked down the road, seeing the guy over a small hill from me. He was finished and leaving. Thing is that he was shooting near the hill top and apparently a bullet barely went over it, I was far enough away that the bullets could be dropping all around me. Turkey.

1:30 PM weather report: scattered high clouds; 80.4 F; 20% humidity; wind 4.4 mph avg, 7.6 gust; ‘feels like’ 79.8 F; battery capacity at 100%. Indoor: 81.3 20% humidity.

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Relax ‘n heal day

I was just sitting outside warmin’ by the sun, talking to Annie the Dog, listening to XM channel 75 on my FM headphones to avoid disturbing the… the… huh, there is nothing here to disturb! And Annie is deaf. Oh well it sounds good on the headphones anyways.

I started using a dinning straight chair at the computer, and I slept on the sofa last night. A little testy, since it is 6′ long and I am 6′-1″ long. But my back pain/leg sciatica is considerably better today. Walking Annie is not such a chore. I was even able to stand at the sink and wash dishes for the first time in about three days. Good thing, too. Three days of dishes usage, even when using some paper, pretty much depletes my inventory. Familiar with the tune Desperado?

I plan on driving back to Logan, UT sometime this week, but I am going to wait until I am confident that I will be able to walk around a bit. I could be wrong (naw, really?), but Logan being a small college town, I suspect it is kinda similar to Flagstaff, AZ. If so, it will be a pleasant adventure, probably a good chance to dine out, as I must be due for a treat. There is a lodge nearby for summer horsebacks and winter snowmobiles, sans restaurant. Alas, no restaurant to be found short of Logan to the West and Bear Lake to the East.

So, today is relax ‘n heal day. I will look up a least-distant Camper’s World on the web to see where I can possibly find a new RV mattress in stock, also check around Logan. Wherever it is, I will have to talk them into putting it on board for me. Does that constitute delivery for fee? I hope it is not back to Salt Lake City. I also need a dumpster large enough to accommodate my 12 year old ergonomic desk chair and foam mattress. Motorola paid for the chair many years ago, and I currently doubt it’s usefulness. I have no garage or basement corner to stuff it into. So trash it is.

That is about the extent of the excitement for today! I am bubbling with joy, mainly because there is nothing to disturb… me!

EDIT: Two folks did show up to ride their ATVs. Offered to take me for a ride. I declined.

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Beaver Mountain day 2

A lazy day. Computer, coffee and resting. I am parked in a ATV/snowmobile unloading area for access to the trails in the National Forest. Unlike many National Forests, this one has off-road trails for summer/winter riding.

It has been somewhat busy this weekend. Weekdays usually produce not a soul. Occasionally I wander over and chat if it is only one or two folks unloading. Reminds my of another lifetime when I would group-ride motorcycles in the National Forests of AZ. I do not mind the excitement in their voices.

I do think about how nice the folks are, all ages, well, none quite my age. Even the younger ones, which is the majority, will respond pleasantly to a nosey retiree. [pausing] I just went over and snapped a shot of their group as one of them was being left out to take the picture. They wished me a happy fathers day!

So this Sunday morn this is the view out my window. The girls are riding ATVs, the boys are riding motorcycles.

My hip was in such a shape I could hardly walk at times yesterday. I believe, from past experience, that the problem is a return of sciatica instead of an actual hip problem. So I re-started my leg stretching exercises. And today all is not well, but much better.

I am alternating meds (naproxen, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen) in max dosage to determine the best one. So far I am unimpressed. The stretch exercise helps most. Even though my computer chair is ergonomic, I think I need something different.

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Arrival at Beaver Mountain, UT

Where is Beaver Mountain, UT?

Today’s travel: map item #17 to #18, 113 miles

Barth and Jeep watching the setting sun creep up the eastern slope:

View Panorama of Bear Lake from the summit of Bear Mountain:

Now for the travel bit. I had my eye on campgrounds along Logan River as we departed Logan. The Logan River valley is beautiful with a constant climb until reaching near the summit of Bear Mountain. These CGs seemed to be risky to pull into with a large rig such a Barth, so I kept traveling.

I had a watch out for the Sunrise CG at the summit of Bear Mountain. It looked “treed in” so I would loose access to solar and satellite. However, I thought a drive through might be worth the effort.

The word “effort” became the key consideration. I encountered low trees, narrow but paved roadway, very narrow and short camp sites and short radius loops. Putting all that into one path resulted in Barth almost getting hung up in the CG by just driving the loop!

The CG host asked me a few times “why are you so big?” It took me a while to understand why he was asking me such a personal question! Turns out it was his way of asking, based on the size of Barth, “Are you a full timer?”, which he finally got around to asking in a vernacular that I understood.

He told me that I could get around the loop. I barely squeaked by and was very happy that Barth was no longer. I managed to get out unscathed. A family of about 6 had wandered from their camp to see if I was going to emerge. They seemed disappointed that the excitement was over as I made it to the exit. Sadists!

So I retreated to this place which I made mental note when I passed, along with a couple others.

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