A perfect site!

Ok, so it ain’t free, but with GAP only $7.50! Great site, good solar, satellite connected, cool, quiet, level. And I mean quiet! Well, except for a generator here and there. A bit of musical-sites erupted. I pulled into a rented site, empty but with a paid tag, without noticing. It had been pre-rented by a person in another site for his buddy, not legal. He offered to rent another site when I gently complained about his irregularity. It so happened that the site across from that site was about to be vacated, and it is so huge that I just pulled into it behind the departing occupant until he was ready to leave – his suggestion. A really nice guy from Michigan. So I vacated the other site, looped the loop, and got this great site. Everybody ended up happy. I am not at Shoshone riverside, but that is ok, because sleeping near the water ruins my sinuses. Besides, the Shoshone is only a few hundred yards walk from Barth.

Three Mile Campground (NFS) is three miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone NP, just where I would want to be to meet family for a few days at Yellowstone internal lodging (the better heeled branch of the family). It is just as close to the activity as would be the expensive reservations that I made at a commercial park in West Yellowstone, so those reservations will be canceled. Still, I am going to be putting 100+ mile days on the scooter.

The drive from Cody to Yellowstone is beautiful, kinda like Wind River Canyon. The two prettiest areas in WY. But I have to also throw into that category Big Horn Mountains, north of Cody, which was visited in previous years, twice.

Motocross and ATV hill-climbers invaded my BLM spot in Cody two days in a row, from noon to dark- stay clear of that site! Those damn dirt bikes were running full speed right beside Barth. I get it, that is the local kids BLM playground that I invaded. I finally decided to defuse my anger by visiting with them while they were getting prepared to ride. But I am happy now.

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