Annie T. Dog enjoys Sumner SP

AtD lying in the sun to warm up now that she has been shaved rat-length.

Annie is energized by the spacious location with no neighbors, no leash. Early this morning she trotted (difficult in her old age) to the water’s edge for a wade and a drink.

AtD has a tendency to hate all other dogs, barking and gnarling if they want to play.

Some call her the grouchy old bitch. I call her the Seasoned Old Lady. I can relate to her distrust of her own species. It is usually deserved. There are some that call her grouchy that should perhaps examine themselves. At least she isn’t subjected to lightning bolts from Fulgora, the goddess of lightning, an unknown (to her) source.

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First morn at Sumner SP

Irrecoverably awake. Up at 5 AM. Annie walked. Coffee perking. 48 degrees. Still air.

Dim distant sights, whispers of sound. Turkey gobble. Coyote howl. Fishing reel whine, boats purr. Faint hint of the day on the Eastern horizon. Bushes appear as silent goblins lurking.

Hoping that the new day can bring peace of mind, fairness, understanding, wonder. Wonder of when it will be my turn. My ship. My break.

The harder one tries, the higher the obstacles become. The more passive one becomes, the higher the obstacles become. Sixty five years of struggle.

This location offers sweet withdrawal.

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Arrival: Camp Lotsa-Water, Only-Water (Sumner Lake SP)

Desolate drive getting here:.Bottomless SP -> 409 -> 380 -> 285 -> 20 -> 60 -> 84 -> 203 -> Camp Lotsa-Water, Only-Water. Accomplished without a Gabbie Gerty gobbling into my ear from an overly eager gps.

Almost no traffic on the road. Eerily void of trucks even. But then with an equal scarcity of lodging between start and stop, why would trucks be needed. Walmart? Forget it. Spacious pull-thrus? Forget it. Spacious backins? Forget it. Copious level primitive camping location? Plenty of unlevel space..

Space for 16, 14, even 10 RVs? Only if you have a vivid imagination, sense of humor, and a sideboard for the bed.

Currently sitting through the second windstorm over the lake since arrival. A deluge of 10 drops per inch accompanied the first, so far just dry lightning accompanying this one.

I hope this post does not prevent my having some company here. Well, no one ever reads the posts anyways, except cuz’s in the South where desolation is where we were born.

On the other hand, with the disrespect I have been getting, perhaps solitude could be welcome.

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