Passive day

The morn’ was chilly. Storrie Lake was fogged in. Everything was damp. This was the first fog I have seen on the trip. No doubt an earlier riser would have been greeted by fog enshrouding Barth.

The sky is clear. The wind is what wind does, windy. The temperature is comfortable. It is much cooler at 6500 feet.

Rod/Linda arrived late yesterday. By the time we got him unhooked and parked it was dinner time.

I looked around for the dim sum cart but none was to be found. So I had supper instead. Fortunately the wind revealed its intentions by blowing the hot grill over before the lonely burger was placed on it.

The foggy mountain, boys. Or is that a soggy bottom, boys?

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Arrival: Camp Storrie (Storrie Lake State Park)

Seeing a State Park for the first time is kind of like seeing the unknown lady with the sweet voice on the other end of the phone for the first time; never what you had visualized before arrival. And so it is with Storrie lake.

Barth is happy.

Pros: cool, uncrowded and those arses at the last place are not here invading my camp running the industrial generator 30 feet from my rig all day long (no exaggeration). Sheesh, I did not pay $5000 bucks for solar to listen to that.

Cons: Beside highway, fewer trees than lead to believe and the turf is not level. But lets face it, if the banks of a lake were level, then there would be no lake. Annie the Dog has become rejuvenated by the cooler temperatures.

Travel from Sumner was uneventful. Found a spot with a quiet zone around it, at least for now. Looking like rain, and I need sun for my low batteries! (Now, exactly why did I invest $5000 into solar?).

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