Yes, Hillary, I know how you feel

In a prior life, when I had a job paying  above the poverty line, I sent an email to an employee asking that she “Contact these turkeys and find out what their problem is,” or some such words. The “turkeys” were another organization within the same company.

The employee forwarded (note – I said forwarded) the message to the other organization with her request for info. So I kinda know how Hillary and Obama feel about the classified data leaks. On a very small scale.

I found out about the indiscretion when a person from the other organization visited me at my desk, showed me the forwarded email, and said they they were going to assume that I meant the comment lovingly.

I doubt that Hillary and Obama is going to get off that easy.

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McCain: Act where you have the authority

Sen. McCain,

Do you think that AZ citizens cannot tell the difference between
pathetic photo ops and insincere commercials every time someone gets
slaughtered by illegals, instead of action in Washington? You have no
authority here. How about making your noise in Washington where you
might have some authority should you decide to execute it.

When I worked, I did so at my employer’s office. I did not make TV
commercials from my home.

Now, go to Washington, and make some news there, at your job, at your
office, at your desk. We will hear about it.

You may think Arizonans are stupid. But we are not. We do recognize
empty photo ops. Pathetic

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Stupid Stupak

FLASH: Obama will issue exec order to overide the abortion clause in the health bill, as Dems refuse to delete the clause from the bill.

“That is not the rule of law. That’s the rule of man. One man can sign an executive order and one man can repeal that again, the president of the United States,” said Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. “So for those of us in the pro-life movement and the — and my Democrat friends who are pro-life, that doesn’t cut it. A executive order is not something that is permanent law.”

Is the Stupak pack totally stupid? When no one is looking, about midnight on Christmas Eve, as an example,Obama can and will erase that promised exec order, assuming that he will write it at all after the bill passes. Then the bill takes over the abortion law.

But then why would Stupak and cronies believe that? It is not like Obama has ever reneged or lied about anything!

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