Bouse Junction (Plomosa Rd/US-95)

Saturday. At least I think it is Saturday, according to my pill box. I resume my odyssey of continued self punishment. I still travel one week ahead of the cooling weather. Currently sitting north of Quartzsite at Plomosa Road, called Quartzsite/Bouse Highway on some maps. Yesterday I did scoot to Bouse, slowly because of the winds, to dine out with a 1 PM breakfast.

Upon arrival here on Tuesday to await a few degrees temperature drop in Yuma, I installed the replacement UCB to re-establish my contact with the world via satellite internet, only to discover that I was in an tech funk. Email, Facebook, Kindle, Netflix and blog overload. Only the completely passive XM reaped some interest. So I may largely abandon FB for a while.

No pics here. Just a flat desert waypoint on the way to Yuma. Temperatures look favorable, so tomorrow will see me moving to the casino near Yuma from which I will launch my visits to the dentist in Algodones for some repairs and a checkup.

I hope I do not encounter any automatic weapons! My usual attire is worn jeans, a tattered t-shirt, scruffy facial hair, matted hair and a cloud of trailing dust like Pig Pen from Charley brown. In other words, I look like I traveled from the south instead of from the north. Not likely to attract attention.

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