Closing down this blog

I just listened to Colin Powell’s litany about why he is endorsing B Hussien O. I have always known Powell to be a Republicrat. In his speech on TV in which he says that Obama will “electrify” the office. No doubt he is correct, but I doubt he has any idea exactly in which sinister way the electrification will manifest.

I see B Hussien O fitting one of three situations:
  • At worst, an Islamic sleeper with intent on destroying the US.

  • An arrogant President that will allow no criticism, and ignore recommendations of a cabinet. Indeed, he may have no or little cabinet. The result will be a President with zero practical experience for the job, refusing to take advice and better suited to ply Hollywood with his “electrifying” persona.
  • At best, a closet Islamic Socialist that, with the support of a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, will drive the country to or near Fascism.
The Messiah has “electrified” the US to the point that he now has enough money to buy the eection – which is exactly what he is doing, using his huge war chest to swamp the media with ads, propaganda and lies regarding redistribution of wealth. McCain would need divine intervention to overcome B Hussien O’s momentum, and I just don’t believe that God is ready to save us from ourselves in November.
So my action is to turn off political TV, ignore whatever B Hussein O says, and go about my bsiness. Oh, yeah, I plan to contrive to get every penney I can from B Hussien O’s big giveaway. I won’t be embarrassed to take some of Buffett’s money, since he has declared it to be patriotic to give it to me.
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Too bad he is not female

McCain displayed some zip tonight, but probably too late. He should have been in a zippy mood the first two debates.

The US could have gotten a lot of history crammed into the same year that we weathered the financial calamity.

First black President
First Muslim President
First female President NOT

But his Whitehouse will not be without some struttin’ and winkin’, though it will probably be without pride in her country. No Muslim is proud of the US, even not those that have become a citizen of and benefit from our country, and especially those that befriend known resident terriorists. Why Can I say this? I have heard not one Muslim come to the praise of the US, not even Michelle Obama.

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Will Bush declare Martial Law?

There are questionable conspiracy theorists in Cyberland that are predicting that Bush will declare martial law before his term expires. Rumor of this conspiracy has been floating around for over a year. Consider the following:

Obama’s parents are dead, so they cannot provide any testimony.

Obama’s white maternal grandmother says he was born in Hawaii.

Obama’s black paternal grandmother says he was born in Africa – (makes him ineligible for president).

Obama carried/used an African passport at least until he was 20 as evidenced by it’s use in a visit to Pakistan. That passport is in the last name of his African family (Barry Soetoro) as he apparently was adopted by them.

Rather than provide an indisputable official copy of Obama’s passport, he has chosen instead to attempt to block Philip Berg’s lawsuit. The lawsuit simply seeks the truth, and compliance with the Constitution, i.e. “Obama’s ‘vault’ version ( certified copy of his ‘original’ long version ) Birth Certificate; and a certified copy of Obama’s Certification of Citizenship; a certified copy of Obama’s Oath of Allegiance.” Why go through legal gymnastics instead of simply providing documentation? I’ll leave the answer to that rhetorical question as a reader exercise.

If this birthright issue is not resolved before the election, it could shortly thereafter create a constitutional crisis. It may be the cause of Martial Law being declared by Bush, stopping the inauguration – and triggering riots and chaos.

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Our Dempcratic Republic is melting right before our eyes – and it is not due to global warming

I do not know about you, but I am getting weary of seeing Bush as soon as I check the news each morning, and Paulson each evening as I check the news. The song never changes, and is still out of tune.

Then I see the Brits rioting in the street about actions taken in London, similar to those in the US. And I feel a pride. Unfortunately today it is not pride in my own country, consuming itself by greed. It is for the brit citizens, brave enough or see and speak.

Today Bush made his daily pitiful attempt to let folks know he is still President by repeating his all-too-frequent plea for patience. No one listens to him because he is irrelevant.

Today Paulson announced that he as exercised his option to buy stocks in banks. Bet you did not know that he had authority, did you? Now the Government owns stock in financial companies, insurance companies, banks and arguably automobile companies. That is called Nationalization, an act usually reserved for Banana Republics, and they usually take over foreign companies.

Today I heard Obama give a speech saying that there is no liberal or conservative, no ideology, remaining. We have to act as one to get out of the financial collapse. Strange that I have no doubt that the operatives in this mono-partisan ideology-less organization that has become Obama’s dream consists of Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Schummer, Frank. I could go on with a few more, but I would have to look up their names. You know them. The ones that contributed to the creation of this mess. The ones that deny it. They ones with approval ratings less than the mpg of my motorhome.

ACORN, managed for 7 years by Obama in Chicago, is quickly being identified as what it has always been. A machine for the extreme left to support extreme liberal goals, such as registration of non-existent persons to vote, multiple registrations for each person, and distribution of funds in support of the Democratic candidate. never mind that is is funded by tax payer money. They also promote easy loans for people that cannot make the payments. And they get major support from the US Government and Obama. Something stinks here.

Today McCain actually told his supporters in a meeting that Obama is an honest man with integrity. never mind that McCain’s appearance on TV interrupted a McCain political ad in which Obama was paired with terrorist Ayers. He also took the microphone from a white haired little ole lady that was about to give her opinion of Obama, about to mention the A… word. Obviously McCain is running for third place. What is that, a yellow ribbon, or perhaps purple? It has been a while since I was at a state or county fair.

Today citizens are beginning to recognize the real cause of the impending end of our government: Credit Default Swaps, sometimes called Reverse Credit Swaps. Unfortunately, since Paulson’s buddies own the Swaps and issued the Swaps, he will protect them, throw our money at them instead. And continue to do so, to the tune of trillions. There was a better way.

Does this not cause you to raise eyebrows, stutter a little. Get a sinking feeling. Me? it makes my sad and sick.

And consider this. Similar actions are occurring in the entire G7 around the world. The only hint of sanity I heard today was in London where the aforementioned citizens were demonstrating in the streets. But they were dispersed with as little publicity as possible.

The march is on: Extreme Liberalism –> Nationalism –> Socialism –> Marxism to the unavoidable end… Communism.

Just a couple months ago I thought I was safe, that it could not happen in my lifetime. Now I suspect that it will be my death. By starvation or lack of medical care. Or at the hands of thugs or terrorists. Old people do not fare well under Communsm.

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