Pics from Lake Powell, last call

A view of the dam from below. There is very little water flow at this time, so I suspect that raft trips through the Grand Canyon are not very exciting. When I did the 10 day raft trip years ago there was much greater water flow and great rapids approaching class 5.

Looking down the canyon below the dam.

This one is kinda the previous two pics combined into one large pano at the bend in the river. The river is headed toward Lee’s Ferry where all the Grand Canyon rafts put in for their week long excurions. A highly recommended vacation.

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Pics from lake Powell

A shot of the Wahweap Marina on this South shore.

This is a pic of the large fossil-fired Navajo Power Plant. That is what the gringos call it. There is a rumor that I started that the Navajos call it “Makumeyesweap Power Plant”, for obvious reasons.

Navajo Mountain. Ironically, a sign at this view point decries air pollution in this open desert area, stating that some days MY polution prevents viewing Navajo Mountain. Couldn’t be the Navojo Power Plant operated by the Salt River Project, now could it?

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Still at Lake Powell

I have been lazy today. I went to Uncle Wally’s and got the batteries to feed my camera, and a few other things I do not need, as usual. But I got stuck on computer problems and never got to the boat trip or damn dam tour. In fact I decided that the other side of the canyon walls will look like this side, and the turbines in the dam will look like dozens I have seen before. So I saved several bucks and wasted my time on OpenOffice, web host and Blogger problems.

I am staying here until Saturday, so I hope to leave the computer off Friday and explore and geocache.

Will the day ever come that computers will be the productivity tool promised instead of a source of malfunctional frustration?

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Arrival: Camp Powell – Powell Lake NRA

Having passed through Page with a brief stop at Uncle Wally’s on the way to UT, I decided to spend a few nights at Page this time. Resting, webing, and I will take some pano pics and a boat ride tomorrow.

I am currently in the campground at Lake Powell National Recreation Area. $13.50 even with the GAP discount for dry camping, but affordable for a couple of days.

Great views right in front of my computer desk, hard to beat especially since the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than my pass through a few weeks ago.

Right now I feel like Annie T. Dog, who has been listless for the last two days. Maybe she also knows that home isn’t far away. Or perhaps she is sick. Just don’t know.

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