Inuvik, NT, Canada (Tent Camp)

Where is Inuvik?

Inuvik is actually a town, when compared to many of the other places I have visited, with 3000 or so souls. It was built in last few decades, actually moved from another unsavory location. Actually not much of a tourist town, rather supports oil efforts in the winter season.

In the winter one can drive to the Arctic Sea on an ice road, which is not possible in the summer. I was supposed to go on a flight to Tuk, at the Arctic Ocean. But I had crossed wires with the tour agency, the only one in town, could not get on the flight, so I did not get the “dipped toe in Arctic” certificate.

But I did save $350.00 by the mix up, a tidy return on a days work, I would say!

About the only reason for being ere is so that one can say that they drove the Dempster Highway. I was there, so I did. having this task, I drove to the North limit.

Having parked the Barth at Eagle Plains, Annie and I were tent camping here. Found a campground just South of town. It started to rain before setup was complete. I put Annie into the tent with a scolding to stay, as I did not want a wet dog as my bed fellow all night.

Annie complied by poking her head out of the tent through the fly that I did not zip. And in swarmed every mosquito that ad not previously gotten in.

In case you haven’t heard, Canada’s mosquitoes are infamous. One good job our Border Patrol does is to keep Canada’s mosquitoes in Canada! However, even the typical Canadian Mosquito pales when compared to those in Inuvik. They are humongous. They fly in the wind, when all others hide. They fly in the rain, when all others drown. And they are vicious.

After finally getting into the tent, with no ground cloth, I spent the next hour squishing the skeeters against the tent. Most were bloated with my or Annie’s blood, so my tent is now spotted.

I may have mentioned that Annie the dog had ever been camping before. She actually did pretty well, especially looking out for herself. I failed to bring her sleeping pad, so when I awoke in the morning, I found that my legs had been pushed ff the thermal pad on which I spent the night, supplanted by a dog. She was suspicious that I was more comfortable than she, ad ha set about a system of discovery ad conquer during the night.

The night following the Inuvik trip was spent at an arbitrary pullout on the lower end of Dempster Highway. Annie likes these places, because she can explore with abandon, unlike an organized campground.

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