Found and lost

House clutter. It’s everywhere, within hours of a major room cleaning/straightening. A truth bubbled up in my mind as I pondered the clutter on my coffee table today which was not there two days ago; it was a clean empty surface.

The truth is, I do not put stuff away because I am afraid I will not remember where I put it, forget that I have it even. Things remain scattered throughout the house because I am incapable of imagining a suitable place to put them. So they are left in sight. I did not always have this handicap.

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Border Patrol stonewalls visiting sheriff

News from the neutral zone. By the way, why is the ‘lawless zone’ all on the US side of the border? Who are the invaders?

Hung out counting illegals passing by until the absence of coffee overwhelmed me. Finally scooted to SV for coffee and bread that was forgotten yesterday. had sausage at Uncle Wally;s kitchen, MacD.

Read the SV Herald about my vicarious buddy Sheriff Joe being accused of spending funds for hiring of extra deputies using money designated for something else. Joe, show them you know best where funding should go.

A Sheriff from IN visited the state, was snubbed by the Border Patrol who would not talk to him. Local sheriff gave him a tour, and he was ‘impressed’ by the vast ‘lawless zone’ which shields the unlawful, and in which ranchers try to maintain their life.

Commercial — Vote Larry Cook Robertson Co. TN Sheriff!

Now for the rest of the story… half way home I had to turn around and scoot back for the forgotten coffee and bread. When I have not had my coffee, I am in a pickle because I cannot remember why I can’t remember anything, but the pickles taste like strawberries!

There, wasn’t that status awe inspiring, or as the young generations would say, awesome?

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Stuff – a bus cleaning saga

In the 80’s when my parents were visiting me in Phoenix, I needed an axe for a project we were working on. I could not find the one I had. So fifteen minutes later I was back from Home Depot with a new one. Dad’s observation: “Garry, do you buy another of everything you can’t find in five minutes?”

Now that I am his age, at the time, and he is long gone, I have to admit my answer must have been “yes!”

Pack-rat junk galore. Over the threshold of ‘can’t find the three I have, go buy a fourth one’ syndrome. Two of the bedrooms of my house are uninhabitable simply because one can hardly get into them. Computers, boxes and boxes of cables, air conditioners, never-listened-to stereos… all those objects I could not live without. Now, extrapolate that phenomenon to a motorhome! Basically a small bedroom and cooking nook on wheels. Kinda like a bed headboard I built while in Scottsdale, MG. All it needed was a steering wheel.

I am methodically removing everything from Barth, starting at the rear. Stuff is shoved forward, and eventually out the front door. After purging, the areas are cleaned, sprayed, fumigated with the doors are closed. I am now at the mid point, which leaves the parlor/dining area unnavigable. It all will end up on the driveway, unless we have one of AZ’s typical windy days, in which case it will all be in the next county, or blown through the holes in the border fence into Mexico.

This activity will probably delay my summer departure. And it will be difficult to part ways with much of the stuff. But depart it will. And so will I, with that eventuality getting closer. At which time I will trying to get someone’s attention from the-other-side, “What are you doing with all my stuff. I will need that someday!”

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Waiting around

Waiting for medical appointments and feedback. Also I am waiting for the motorcycle riding training test. So departure will be after June 1. Fortunately the weather has been pleasant, cooler than May of last yesr.

I have been reducing meds of various types, especially the expensive ones. I want to determine if they are doing anything, or if perhaps I can drop them.

Scoot does provide some escape from the boredom of being at home.

Annie (AtD) is getting weaker, but is eating like a piglet since I have started adding liquid Pepto Bismol to her food to solve her stomach problems. Fortunately she actually seems to like it, She also gets an aspirin-a-day to help with her obvious hip pains.

The prior Blogspot/Blogger will soon be deleted as the transfer of all of their content to this single WordPress blog has been completed. WordPress is more ‘techie’ but offers more flexibility and opportunity to tweak things in the code. But thereĀ  is a steep learning curve if one wants to do so.

Off to a nap!

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