Still at El Capitan casino

The rain has let up, but the skies are still threatening to rain at Hawthorne NV. So home park is still at the casino. I want to move to Walker Lake but I do not want to get Barth tangled in a place that I cannot get out of. That was a problem the last time I was there. A recon trip on Scoot is required, but not until things dry out somewhat. All depends on what El Nino drums up weather-wise. Too warm to move south, to wet to go to the lake, a dilemma! Maybe Judy and Darrel, having talked me into buying a scooter, were right by dumping their scooters! (Will I ever forgive them?  LOL)

The next issue to be confronted, other then weather, is the question: Is it safe to cross the border at Algodones Mx? I need to revisit my dentist.

At casino breakfast I learned that 14 oz. of ham steak is too much for me. So AtD may get a treat today – or not. She is very bored at casino parking lots. I could post a pic, but generally a casino parking lot is not very picturesque!

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I Can Get Used To This!

This has been a laid back, relaxing day. Mostly walking, reading, and napping. Went walking with Annie along the shore and ran into… Carl, of course, along with about four other fishermen. Seems that they were not biting today.

Carl (having caught 3 nice fish the last two days) suggested that I join him for a fish fry. I felt awkward declining, so I agreed. He supplied the fish and potato salad. I contributed all I had that was not from a can, tomatoes, green onions, and corn on the cob (I eat a lot of corn on the cob since I discovered how easy it is to microwave). So we had a feast.

Since I am pulling outa here at 6:00 AM tomorrow, headed California way, I’m gonna miss Carl’s fish!

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You Think I Am Crazy? Just take a look at Carl!

Where is Walker Lake, NV?

While leaving Death Valley, I got a late start, after dumping/filling various tanks. I also got caught up in a tour at Scotty’s castle at my exit from Death Valley. Very interesting place, and legend. Glad I did not miss it!

I finally got out of AZ, now near Hawthorne, NV. This spot has a post card perfect view over Walker Lake, and I am (currently) about 1/2 mile from the nearest person. Actually, there are only two or three campers here! Too bad I am not a fisherman, like Carl is. Who is Carl, you ask?

On the way in yesterday, as I tried to get into one spot on this lake, and ran into a crusty Vietnam Vet that has been camping alone for 20 (?) years. This site falls under the jurisdiction of BLM, and is not fully developed. He directed me to this better spot, and he appeared here about sundown. He talked a lot, about his life style, Vietnam, children, etc. As I was cooking my store-bought bacon and eggs for the morning’s breakfast, I heard a knock on my door. There stood Carl with two 4-lb. Trout that he had just caught from the lake for his breakfast.

Of course, he wanted to show me how he dressed the fish. He had an electric knife, 12 volt version, with clips on the end, attached to the battery with the hood up. At first I thought he was going to defibrillat them! He proceeded to carve a fillet from each side of the fish, and was done in about 60 seconds, both fish!

Carl was in a 1974 Ford Camper, pulling a 1974 Lineman’s 3/4 ton pickup, the kind that has cabinets with doors all around that open for tools. He was changing the plugs this morning. I noticed a shiny new generator and starter that he had recently put on the camper.

Carl is a special breed, and I could have talked with him for hours! One great part about this trip so far is the occasional colorful character I meet.

This place is so pleasant that I may stay here a third night. As with everything else on this trip, I will decide when the sun comes up tomorrow if I am moving on or hanging here.

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