Parting shots at Furnace Creek

The final images from Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park. Definitely QED.

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Home of the Cone Heads

Yesterday Fast Freddy drove us to the charcoal kilns in Death Valley. Long trip. Some desolation, some beauty. (speaking of which, does anyone know how to pronounce Beatty, NV?)

At least we discovered the cone home of the cone heads. Interesting, but worth a half day round trip? You decide.

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Pics at and about Furnace Creek Set 1

A few pics at Furnace Creek. The surrounding mountains break the boredom of endless desert wasteland. Unfortunately, to see a different view or feature, one must use lots and lots of gas, at $4.30/gal. The best way to consider Death Valley is: if it is between where you are and where you want to be, then drive through, stopping at whatever is on your route.

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Last post from Funeral Mtn. Pass

Just a couple of pics to show why I moved. I did not take pics of the 4 rodents I trapped, nor the swarm of bees chasing after AtD’s water bowl and pop cans…

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Short trip to Furnace Creek

Bored, I hitched a ride with neighbor Fred to Furnace Creek, 20 miles or so into the Park. We had a buffet. The same buffet given the bus tours, pork ribs and chicken breasts. Since it cost $14, I worked hard to be sure I got my share. I succeeded. Checked the CG for known souls, found none. We were going to visit the museum, but a couple of tour buses unloaded, so we passed on that. Most tour buses seem to be hauling French speaking folks. I do not know if they are Canadians or not.

Later in the day a German couple wheeled into this desolate camp site wanting directions. I usually try my best to help those folks as I have experienced the language barrier many times in foreign travel. Though they knew more English words (maybe 25 or so) than I know German (0 or so), I think I got them pointed in the right direction. I hope so.

Last night was very productive. I caught 3 mice that have been prowling in Barth for a few days. There are probably more, as they usually appear in mated pairs. Since there is a known path they always take, I have an idea for a very effective mouse trap, which is an array of many mouse traps fastened side by side so that they cannot miss them. I will make it when I get to a source of mouse traps, and post a picture of it. Consider it the equivalent of a Gatling gun mouse ambush machine.

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