Stevens Creek CG

Curecanti National Recreation Area isn’t the most beautiful place on this Odyssey, but it does suffice as a peaceful stop. The Stevens Creek CG is on the Blue Mesa Reservoir and apparently provides good fishing. A cool breeze drifts over the campground from the water. When I arose this morning and went to the sun to warm up, get joints loosened, etc. there already were many boats on the large lake. I will be departing here on the 8th headed to the Denver area for a few says.

Barth sits among brush in CG

The area is covered with 3 foot high scrub brush of various ugly types making the far mountainsides appear to have a fuzz over them. Except for the mountains in the distance, the appearance is much like, say, Northwest Texas. Perhaps that explains why most every vehicle on my campground loop sports a Texas accent.

There are two more reservoirs westward, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park northward. So I may come back this way upon departing Denver to casually explore this unknown territory. Tomorrow a boat tour has been booked on the Morrow Reservoir. So no pics until then. It is impossible to take pics of huge lakes, but a snapshot or two may find it’s way into the camera tomorrow.

View of campground across the lake

Late yesterday afternoon I scooted to Gunnison since I had no deja vu here. Must be a new experience. Gunnison is as flat as a pancake skillet with N-S and E-W central Boulevards wide enough for an interstate highway, four lanes, turn lane and curbside parking both sides. Wide. Though the population is apparently well below 10,000, it appears to be a town with a purpose other than, or in addition to, tourism. A real town. Cimarron, presumably a town, is in the other direction, is yet to be explored.

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