The Tucson Memorial

Well, the one thing I can say is that if you hear me say that Obama made a good speech, you can rest assured that you missed a good speech. I truly was trying to hate the speech.

  • The kickoff blessing by Native Americans, was bizarre.
  • The staffer that helped Gilffords until transported – attributed with saving her life – made a no-notes talk that was excellent – APPLAUSE
  • Gov. Brewer made opening comments – APPLAUSE
  • Holder (bleak!) read a bible scripture – APPLAUSE
  • Napolitano (bleak!) did the same – APPLAUSE
  • Obama and others chronicled the lives of the dead, the injured, a sad occasion – APPLAUSE
  • Obama’s speech seemed very long because it was frequently interrupted by RIOTOUS APPLAUSE. About the only thing he could have done, but did not, would have been to gently try to quieten them at the applause breaks with his hands. Perhaps he did not think of that, or perhaps his ego enjoyed the applause. Unfortunately, despite the solemn occasion, it felt like a political rally.

One of the few times that I think applause was justified was when Obama announced, with Gifford’s husband’s permission, that she had opened her left eye for the first time right before the memorial (her right eye is still bandaged for gunshot damage).

None of this was the fault of the speakers. It was obvious from the content that they arrived to conduct a solemn occasion. However, the Tucson Audience had other ideas and imposed them. Truly strange. Truly unfortunate – it still nags at me.

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A 30-day food bank

This is not a ‘How To…’ article. It is a ‘Where To…’ article, i.e. where to find good reasonable suggestions for assembling a food bank to sustain you in case of emergencies.

Whether you are concerned about survival in the wake of a weather catastrophe, power outage, food shortage, civil unrest or acts of terror, it is prudent preparation to consider is food storage. What if the predictions of some ‘crazies’ that a killer sun flare will erupt in 2011 actually happens? Or if civil or political unrest occurs in 2013, a prediction of other crazies. Or the Chinese decide to cash in the U.S. bonds that they hold all at once, crippling the U.S. government?

If you live alone as one then planning can be straightforward. But for families planning is even more important. Remember, one cannot save the world, and must exercise real constraints on the extent and extension of your food bank.

Thirty days? One year? How much of a pessimist are you? A thirty day food bank is obviously much easier to accumulate and monitor for replenishment to maintain adequate freshness.

And finally, pessimist or realist? Remember, in case of a major upheaval home pantries would sustain only for a day or two for most city folks, maybe an additional day or two for those that live in more remote locations. Grocery store shelves would be attacked and without routine daily truckloads to restock, shelves would soon be bare. What would you eat? What would you drink? Is the water supply safe to drink? Has your water supply been shut off?

A thirty day food supply bank is manageable. Thinking about a one year bank makes my head hurt, even though it is for one person. I recommend starting small, thirty days for each person. I also recommend families act as small independent units. Grandpa should not attempt to create a food bank for all his descendants. Family units should stand independently for reasons of simplicity as well as to avoid the necessity to travel as travel may be impossible or imprudent. Also remember that your food bank need not be assembled in one trip to the grocery. Build it over time methodically following a prepared list of all items that it will include.

Popular proponents of food banks, such as Glenn Beck, seem to rely on very expensive food items from companies specializing in such foods. At least he advertises them heavily. I guess these are ok if you have the resources of a Glenn Beck. He can afford a ten year bank for a hundred people and hire a full time “keeper” to monitor and replenish as necessary. You can not do so.

So, when am I getting to the ‘Where To…’? Here are the best practical links I have found (no advertising, no commercial ties, no bull).

Links on the above web site also provide interesting related reading on other topics.

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HARK! Do I hear a HAARP?

We may not have to wait for the Killer Solar Flare that will arrive later this year.

10’s of 1000’s of birds dead. Millions of fish dead. Worldwide.

The official U.S. explanation: “The birds were scared from their roost in the darkness and, being disoriented by the night, flew en mass into buildings to their death.” Let’s look around their crash site. If they flew into a building and killed themselves accidentally, wouldn’t they slide down the building into a pile on the ground, or would they bounce off the building and disperse themselves over a square mile afterward? Now that is a tough one. Ever had a bird fly into your window? How far did it go afterward?

And I suppose the millions of fish that met their demise worldwide near the same time frame swam into buildings? Obviously that is indisputable.

Enter HAARP, the U.S. instrument to study the effects of allegedly controlled disturbances on the ionosphere. And similar, perhaps more advanced, equipment of foreign competitors. The ionosphere is earth’s protection from the harsh radiation of many kinds from the sun and the universe. So, hey, lets see what happens if we slam it with radio waves and measure the results. What could possibly go wrong?

Ignoring the obvious risks of destruction of the ionosphere, how about standing wave RF interference patterns developing in the earth’s magnetic field that might cause concentrated points of destructive energy at the earth’s surface, i.e. a ‘rogue wave’ effect such as produced by nature in the ocean? Perhaps caused by interference patterns due to the simultaneous operation of multiple systems by competitive countries, i.e. ‘jamming’.

While mad scientists spar with each other in our life-saving ionosphere, what will be the next collateral mass death? The people in concentrated population areas such as Los Angeles or New York? And what if I am wrong! What if it isn’t HAARP? Well, it is something, and you can be sure that it is the responsibility of our or other country’s mad scientists. You can be equally sure that they will never tell the truth.

Perhaps this is the way that former presidential aide John Wheeler met this fate.

“Technology will be the ruination of mankind!” — GarryP

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