A perfect site!

Ok, so it ain’t free, but with GAP only $7.50! Great site, good solar, satellite connected, cool, quiet, level. And I mean quiet! Well, except for a generator here and there. A bit of musical-sites erupted. I pulled into a rented site, empty but with a paid tag, without noticing. It had been pre-rented by a person in another site for his buddy, not legal. He offered to rent another site when I gently complained about his irregularity. It so happened that the site across from that site was about to be vacated, and it is so huge that I just pulled into it behind the departing occupant until he was ready to leave – his suggestion. A really nice guy from Michigan. So I vacated the other site, looped the loop, and got this great site. Everybody ended up happy. I am not at Shoshone riverside, but that is ok, because sleeping near the water ruins my sinuses. Besides, the Shoshone is only a few hundred yards walk from Barth.

Three Mile Campground (NFS) is three miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone NP, just where I would want to be to meet family for a few days at Yellowstone internal lodging (the better heeled branch of the family). It is just as close to the activity as would be the expensive reservations that I made at a commercial park in West Yellowstone, so those reservations will be canceled. Still, I am going to be putting 100+ mile days on the scooter.

The drive from Cody to Yellowstone is beautiful, kinda like Wind River Canyon. The two prettiest areas in WY. But I have to also throw into that category Big Horn Mountains, north of Cody, which was visited in previous years, twice.

Motocross and ATV hill-climbers invaded my BLM spot in Cody two days in a row, from noon to dark- stay clear of that site! Those damn dirt bikes were running full speed right beside Barth. I get it, that is the local kids BLM playground that I invaded. I finally decided to defuse my anger by visiting with them while they were getting prepared to ride. But I am happy now.

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Visiting the Wilsons

This morn Darryl and Judy met me at Uncle Wally’s and laid plains for the day. They showed me the BLM site near town that they had found, and the dump location. I went over for a lunch later after relocating to the new and quiet location. No more rumbling trucks until midnight. But frankly, I have gotten to where I could sleep in a tornado, but the nice rain last eve did help mask a lot of noise, pitter patter on the roof.

You remember Darryl and Judy, the ones that talked me into buying a scooter and then promptly bought a Tracker? Oh well, nice folks just the same. Tomorrow morn Darryl and I are going on a scoot ride, maybe another this weekend. They are work camping at minimum wage plus RV parking in Cody  and, typically for them, enjoying every minute.

There is a huge museum here, apparently large enough that the ticket is good for two days so that persons with half-day legs can attend it for two days. I do not know what the focus is, but could it be: a) Roy Rogers; b) Slim Pickens; c) Buffalo Bill Cody. Hint: The museum name is Buffalo Bill Historical Museum.

Annie is having a terrible time, stomach-wise. I think it is the heat. Without going into details, just take my word that it is unpleasant for me also. Since Barth a/c is out of commission, I cannot even give her relief by going to a RV park. A dilemma. Jez, I hope Yellowstone is cooler!

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Just a little breeze please

I hate to be perpetually negative, but when I need a breeze, I need a breeze! Unfortunately Cody is as hot as everywhere else in WY. By doing a little investigative research on the web, I have proven to myself that the forecasts, and current temp, provided by google/wunderground.com totally inaccurate and unreliable. Two different views with the completely different temps.

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