Arrival: Camp Low-Hi

Arrived at the Low-Hi Rv Ranch near Deming today amid cold and strong gusts. Fortunately the drive was only about 30 miles, rather the wind would have become fatiguing.

Low-Hi RV Ranch is a no frills-but-adequate RV park outside Deming that has almost 100% large pull-thru sites. I am paying $3/day for dry camping here. Much less than the $10.00/person chinese buffet we went to last evening in Deming.

We are in the dry camping area of this RV park, at leastr many are. Some wimps are plugged in. I rate socalled ‘boondocking’ stops as HC (Hard Corps), MC (Medium Corps) and LC (Low Corps). This is a LC location

LC = dry camping in a developed park.

MC = dry camping in an undeveloped campground, business parking lot, etc.

HC = dry camping in a remote non-developed area.

TB (True Boondocking) – dry camping in hidden enclaves not described because they are non-describable.

Pictures to follow whenever I muster the energy. Computering is becoming lower on my priorities. Todays major project is the collection of fire wood from a ranch about 20 miles west of Deming. Darryl and I are going to load Ranger with enough to sustain Cowboy Coffee Clutch a whileif the wood is as described.

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