Mt. Rushmore revisited

Two years ago I visited Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota. As I strolled through the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon NP, I was briefly drawn back in time to that visit. It had always seemed statistically not likely that the sculpture of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln was actually carved during the some 14 years from 1927 to 1941 by humans. Nope, not possible. Perhaps it was actually a fluke of nature, shaped from rock by erosion in much the same way of the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.

I think I discovered supporting evidence of my theory at Bryce Canyon. Of course, hoodoos are every where. But I spied one group of four on the Queen’s Garden trail that peaked my interest. Oddly, they seemed to be further along the erosional path to becoming recognizable figures. I paused. I moved along the trail to view slightly different perspectives and light angles of the formation. I doubled back a half hour later to double check what I saw. Eventually I climbed back to the rim rather bewildered but confident in what I saw.

These four hoodoos were unmistakeably on their way to becoming profiles of contemporary human figures, of that I am sure. And I have little doubt that when completed we will see the visage of Larry, Curly, Moe and Hillary!

Early tomorrow morn, hopefully before 7:00 a.m., I leave Bryce Canyon NP heading Northeast toward Capitol Reef NP. And I think it is definitely time to move on! Happy motoring.

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Closing out Bryce visit

I will be departing Bryce in a day or two. I have additional picts. These may be add down the road if I see something outstanding, but not today.

Yesterday Columbia shoes and I attacked one more hiking trail – Peek-a-Boo loop. The hike to Peek-a-Boo and the loop itself summed to a hike considerably more difficult than previous Bryce hikes. If there had been ten more feet at the top I am not sure if I could have made it out! Of course the younguns were passing me. The western side of Peek-a-Boo offered some of the most beautiful views I had see to date.

I encountered a young couple on the trail, Erika and Johnathon from San Francisco. Really nice chaps. We hiked together for about an hour before we went different directions. I tried to give them a chance to leave me behind, but they always struck another conversation.

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Garryp climbs hoodoo!

We, the Columbia shoes and I, took a turn on the trails into hoodoo-land yesterday. Trails are easy, not a large elevation change, and crowded. I need to stay here a month and take a trail a day for my health.

At least half the crowd are foreign tourists. There are a lot of rental motorhomes cruising about.

I took more pictures. But by now each is looking about the same as the last. I tried some video pans. As luck would have it the camera was turned 90 degree so the video-lets were all on the side.

Since the camp site costs only $5.00/day, I figured it was about time to splurge and have the second Bryce meal out. A tasty salad was enjoyed for lunch after the hike at the park Lodge. However, I found it to be much less fulfilling than a good burger! How do those dieters do it?

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Cold spell hits Bryce

Brrrr… It is about 40 at 9:00 am local. Tonight s projected at about freezing.

The Wave catalytic heater is slowly warming us. The cat heater is much more efficient than the forced air furnace. The furnace has an outside vent that wastes heat and is not solar friendly, as the blower is not miserly when it comes to electricity.

With a forecast high today of 57 with clouds and showers, we will be inside much of the day. Normally by this time I am sipping coffee outside in the warm sun.

This may prove to be the first unfriendly weather test of my solar system.

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No picts today

Not feeling especially well today, argueing with a headache all day. But not bad enough to keep me from driving to the lodge, and out to Ruby’s.

Ruby’s prices are a little high, but they do have good quality stuff, not junk. At least that is what I told myself as I bought a pair of hiking shoes. The other rationalization was that the shoes were cheaper and longer lasting than the horseback ride that I was considering to cover my planned hiking trail.

There was no sales person on duty in the men’s shoe area, so I entered the stack and pulled the only two size 13 shoes they had. Fortunate for me they were of the lower priced line.

I selected a pair and compared the box-marked price of $44.00 to the display-marked price of $65.00, and decided that I must be getting a bargain, so I sprinted to the checkout counter. I could have gotten there faster if I had my new shoes on, which reminds me of a bad joke that I will not bore you with. (Music, please. “Pardon me Roy, is that the cat-that-chewed-ye-new-shoes?”)

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