Cottonwood Campground

Where is Cottonwood Campground?

I just strolled around my present camp site, in Big Bend and encountered a grey bearded older gentlemen that is from… you might have guessed, Columbus, NM, the place I just left. Now, what are the odds that one of Columbus’ 2000 residents would turn up at the same place? (Somehow I seriously doubt that number).

Cottonwood Campground offered a place to park, without any hookups (dry camp). I arrived without prepared tanks for a long visit, and have seen about all of Big Bend, so one night was plenty here. There were several tent camps, for which this location is best suited.

Big Bend? Deja Vu.

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Rio Grande Campground

Where is Rio Grande Campground?

Arrived in time to get one of very few unoccupied sites, perhaps the only site available for a large MH. This period is the ‘spring break’ period, and so is much busier than most other times of the year. This large campground provides electric and water, but no sewer hookups. A dump station is available.

This site and the next one are on opposite sides of Big Bend, affording different launch points for sightseeing.

I have always wanted to visit Big Bend. However, my overall impression is one of being slightly underwhelmed. The view points, points of interest, and general landscape did not live up to my imaginations. Just not as spectacular as I expected. Perhaps I have lived in Arizona too long!

Recommended for a one-time visit, unless you live in West Texas, in which case it may be a very suitable staple for frequent campouts.

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Trip 1: Big Bend, TX – Preparation

I expected to depart on my first real adventure today, but alas, preparations were not complete. There were a number of things remaining to do, obviously important, forgotten, nonetheless.

Suffice it to say that the motorhome is about ready, meaning packed with essentials, and that which was forgotten can be purchased en-route.

My destination is Big Bend National Park, Texas, Points between home and Big Bend will be determined on the fly.

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