Arrival: Camp Brantley

Arrived at Camp Brantley (Brantley Lake SP) today. Found Judy/Darryll, Rod/Linda at the drycamp area. Carroll is at the campground, as is Sandra.

As an inexpensive place to dry camp, Brantley is ok. But for those wanting to fish, it is not exciting. Fish csnnot be eaten due to pesticide contaminated waters.

Nothing pic worthy.

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Arrival: Camp Harmony (aka Oliver Lee State Park)

Ahhh, what an evening! Unfortunately I lost my serenity today in an email shouting match with the sysop (sounds like cyclop) at my web host provider. Such an ass, he deserved every insult I mustered to hail at him. Unfortunately they have the upper hand and could terminate my account, causing a great deal of consternation and perhaps weeks of agony. But no, I will not apologize. I have been on the edge of abandoning them for a new host a few times and would have long ago if it were not so problematic.

But that has passed. Getting back to “what an evening!”

A beautiful sunset inspired a long walk for Annie the Dog, which seemed to encourage the sunset. The explosion of colors were formidable electric wall. What sysop?

Walk slowed to absorb every second in the graying sky, uncluttered with artificial illumination, Gave me the thought to pause, to ponder. Some of our group definitely are not who or what they seem to be. This may be good, this may be bad, but can definitely be unnerving. What do the deny? What do they hide? Why cannot people be open, honest as a flaming sunset on a warm summer evening? For life lasts only about as long as a sunset. Why fill it with clouds and fog?

But at the End of the Day, thanks to the sunset, Harmony was restored.

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Arrival: Camp Peace (aka Leesburg State Park)

I moved from the sand lot when the sun came up after the traditional coffee with Judy and Darryl. Getting that ‘gotta move’ feeling. Departed at 6:30 am.

After an early stop at the ruins of Ft. Seldon, arrival time at Camp Peace was 8:00 am. Very peaceful here. Barth is nestled into a small area of primitive camping. Not suitable for huge rigs to turn in, unless it is a Class A with no tow vehicle. There are three of us here; Jack, Bob and myself, all outcasts of our Boondockers group.

Not much to do here, and I will certainly save money because there are no nearby restaurants to spend $14.00 on daily. Golly, could I actually be… be… be boondocking?

The time between Las Cruces and Brantley Lake will be split between one or more of the following: Leesburg, Oliver Lee and Lincoln National Forest.

Pics later.

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Arrival: Camp Low-Hi

Arrived at the Low-Hi Rv Ranch near Deming today amid cold and strong gusts. Fortunately the drive was only about 30 miles, rather the wind would have become fatiguing.

Low-Hi RV Ranch is a no frills-but-adequate RV park outside Deming that has almost 100% large pull-thru sites. I am paying $3/day for dry camping here. Much less than the $10.00/person chinese buffet we went to last evening in Deming.

We are in the dry camping area of this RV park, at leastr many are. Some wimps are plugged in. I rate socalled ‘boondocking’ stops as HC (Hard Corps), MC (Medium Corps) and LC (Low Corps). This is a LC location

LC = dry camping in a developed park.

MC = dry camping in an undeveloped campground, business parking lot, etc.

HC = dry camping in a remote non-developed area.

TB (True Boondocking) – dry camping in hidden enclaves not described because they are non-describable.

Pictures to follow whenever I muster the energy. Computering is becoming lower on my priorities. Todays major project is the collection of fire wood from a ranch about 20 miles west of Deming. Darryl and I are going to load Ranger with enough to sustain Cowboy Coffee Clutch a whileif the wood is as described.

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