Completing Page

 Ok, so I never started Page, AZ! I must have forgotten to click the ‘publish’ button.

Simple. I stopped at Uncle Wally’s to overnight after my grueling (for me) 350 mile 8 hour drive from Chama. Uneventful, just long. Some beautiful scenery that changed from green to blah desert at Farmington, then from blah to spectacular rock cliffs at Page, I took the opportubity to purchase supplies and to attempt to get L. Ranger’s low power fixed.

L. Ranger’s problem was not fixed by the filter replacements. But The gas filter was very ready for replacement, and the mouse nest that was found inside the air cleaner needed, er, servicing. Disgusting. I wondered how many mouse caracsses are wrapped around the valve stems.So no wasted money. The shop was operated by three Navajos. I never knew what they were saying as they spoke in their native language. Yatahay! (Ya’ah’tee)

I was at a used car dealer, sent there to pay the bill. Strange, I never had a mechanic shop hand me the bill and tell me to go down the road to pay it. Ever heard of the urge to keep going? Anyways, there a few Navajos were shopping presumably. They were paying from cash in a large roll of bills. Chatting with two Navahos that seemed to be waiting, as I was waiting to pay the bill, I told him about the garage I had used. “They probably would have known how to fix your problem it you had brought them a horse or sheep”, said he. He also told me to to bother stopping in Colorado City as I drove through, as there are no available women there.

Speaking of the Navajo, they are very prevalant in Page. They almost run Uncle Wally’s mansion. About as many as there are Mexicans in my home area. But a big difference. They are soft-talking, quiet, and very friendly, helpful.

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Arrival: Camp Heron – Lake Heron State Park

Barth smiles on the lake.

Campsite view.

Las Vegas NM to Santa Fe was just a ho-hum interstate drive. But the scenery turned geougeous when I headed North from Santa Fe. After all, I am almost in CO.

When I left Las Vegas my destination was Navajo Lake State Park. However a quick stop and a few inquiries about boondocking in Chama revealed that the village is controlled by the RV parks. I was warned at the Welcome(?) Center that the owner of the empty buildings in front of which I parked would have me towed if I stayed there very long. I parked there because the Welcome Center had inadequate parking for Barth. Welcome Center?

But a short informative discussion revealed that I might be able to get my rig into Heron Lake SP. I called and was directed to a camping area that might suffice. As the pics above attest, I did so and it did. Heron Lake has no Primitive parking area per se. But the no-hookup areas could easily be called primitive, though not dispersed, as the sites are delineated.

So I am happy for a few days here, assuming the Chama Village Fathers (i.e. RV Park owners) don’t ticket Ranger when I go back to village to visit.

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Arrival: Camp Storrie (Storrie Lake State Park)

Seeing a State Park for the first time is kind of like seeing the unknown lady with the sweet voice on the other end of the phone for the first time; never what you had visualized before arrival. And so it is with Storrie lake.

Barth is happy.

Pros: cool, uncrowded and those arses at the last place are not here invading my camp running the industrial generator 30 feet from my rig all day long (no exaggeration). Sheesh, I did not pay $5000 bucks for solar to listen to that.

Cons: Beside highway, fewer trees than lead to believe and the turf is not level. But lets face it, if the banks of a lake were level, then there would be no lake. Annie the Dog has become rejuvenated by the cooler temperatures.

Travel from Sumner was uneventful. Found a spot with a quiet zone around it, at least for now. Looking like rain, and I need sun for my low batteries! (Now, exactly why did I invest $5000 into solar?).

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Arrival: Camp Lotsa-Water, Only-Water (Sumner Lake SP)

Desolate drive getting here:.Bottomless SP -> 409 -> 380 -> 285 -> 20 -> 60 -> 84 -> 203 -> Camp Lotsa-Water, Only-Water. Accomplished without a Gabbie Gerty gobbling into my ear from an overly eager gps.

Almost no traffic on the road. Eerily void of trucks even. But then with an equal scarcity of lodging between start and stop, why would trucks be needed. Walmart? Forget it. Spacious pull-thrus? Forget it. Spacious backins? Forget it. Copious level primitive camping location? Plenty of unlevel space..

Space for 16, 14, even 10 RVs? Only if you have a vivid imagination, sense of humor, and a sideboard for the bed.

Currently sitting through the second windstorm over the lake since arrival. A deluge of 10 drops per inch accompanied the first, so far just dry lightning accompanying this one.

I hope this post does not prevent my having some company here. Well, no one ever reads the posts anyways, except cuz’s in the South where desolation is where we were born.

On the other hand, with the disrespect I have been getting, perhaps solitude could be welcome.

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Arrival: Bottomless Lake SP

Arrived at Camp Bottomless Lakes SP this morning, after annoying incidents at a fuel stop and a mis-directed detour at the park’s Southern entrance.

We came to a consensus that without more info, not to be had, that we were waiting at Brantley SP in vain for others to show up. So an an attempt to close the gap by moving to Bottomless, we discovered two ‘of us’ that are heading to Brantley Monday, and three ‘of us’ that left Bottomless for Brantley today. Needless to say not I.

I am moving toward cooler temps at 7000 ft. and that ain’t South. I will attempt to re-connect with the core group if they ever get near me. But then I do not know when that might be. they were ‘scheduled’, and emphatically so, to leave Alamogordo on Tuesday for Brantley, less a few that wanted to play with the balloons in Roswell. Now I hear Thursday, and that hasn’t happened yet. So much for ’emphatically stated’ schedules.

Guess that is what happens when a casual trip is over-booked, with new ones joining daily, and no way to determine the plans of those that temporarily wander away. I have bothered to report my location, but I will cease to do so, as that approach has not triggered a like response by others, leaving me completely in the dark.

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