Home-agin, and Annie attacked

I arrived home at about 1 PM today, and set about buying a trailer for Darth. Hopefully tomorrow I can get Darth off of the back of Lone T. Ranger. Assuming I can get my blood pressure down.

On my casual sundown walk of Annie down the road, she was viciously ambushed by a rogue pitbull. I mean vicious, no barking, no warning, just a lunge from the bushes.

My mostly misplaced kicks caused it to scurry away. But the attack was so vicious that if it had been after me, I would have been helpless.

I called the sheriff, reported the incident and the alleged dog’s owner address. They will ‘talk to them’. Yeah, right. as if that will do any good.

I told the officer that I absolutely would kill the dog if I get close enough to it. He said that there ‘might be a problem with that.’ I told him that problem or no, if it looks at me or my dog, and if it is close enough, I will shoot it. That I will not cower in my own house.

Tomorrow I may take Annie and a shot gun down the road where it lives to see if I can lure it out. Since I am already afraid of it, I will feel fear for me or Annie, and resolve the problem.

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Arrival: Camp Powell – Powell Lake NRA

Having passed through Page with a brief stop at Uncle Wally’s on the way to UT, I decided to spend a few nights at Page this time. Resting, webing, and I will take some pano pics and a boat ride tomorrow.

I am currently in the campground at Lake Powell National Recreation Area. $13.50 even with the GAP discount for dry camping, but affordable for a couple of days.

Great views right in front of my computer desk, hard to beat especially since the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than my pass through a few weeks ago.

Right now I feel like Annie T. Dog, who has been listless for the last two days. Maybe she also knows that home isn’t far away. Or perhaps she is sick. Just don’t know.

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Arrival: Camp Bryce – Bryce Canyon national Park (aka Hoodoo Land)

I actually arrived at Bryce on June 3. However, Barth positional difficulties and a busy schedule dictated that I wait until today to post said arrival.

Campsite in North CG, loop B is certainly less than spacious. But if ones interest lies outside the place of sleep, then it is certainly acceptable at a Golden Age cost of $7.50 per night. But you had better rush out to take advantage of such passes, as Obama will definitely take care of that shortly. “No increased taxes on the middle class means “raise the cost everything else, plus new taxes.”

Garry steps off of the soapbox.

Here and at Zion I visited with family. Not having kids or wife I encountered chaos the like of which I have never endured. And I must say, I did so with more than my average level of patience. It was great to see the relatives that I had not seen for 18 months or so. The quickly growing small ones as well as the quickly aging grown-ups.

More pics to follow of Bryce Hoodoodom.

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Arrival: Camp Zion Canyon CG

I arrived mid afternoon, driving from Page, AZ. Uneventful drive, many areas with beautiful scenery. I wanted to stay at Page for another night or so, but the weather was warm in uncooled RV, so I departed as soon as I retrieved L. Ranger.

I have done no site seeing yet. There is plenty time for that, and I have been here before which dulls the urgency. More later.

This is a commercial park, $35/day. Nice enough, with enough room to walk between the RVs without hitting one’s head on the slides. I am prone to do that even in the middle of an open desert. I was having difficulty making the turn into my site as it was tight. My ‘neighbor’ came out and told me that he had the same problem, and showed me how to make a loop and get an almost straight shot into the space. Most helpful.

I was going to move to the dry camp CG tomorrow, but I have major chores to do cleaning Barth. With temp forcasts of 87 degrees, I will probably stay here to keep cool.

TV selection consists of PBS and CBS. Since CBS has mostly a zillion hours of CSI incarnations, TV is a wasteland.

I finally found a pressure cooker at Uncle Wally’s in Page. One item was on sale for $15. Snatched it and ran, feeling guilty.

Annie T. Dog is accustomed to a substantial ‘out’ time while staying in the NM parks. Tonight she is driving me crazy. wanting outside. Maybe it is because she feels better because I gave her a baby aspirin also known as “aspirin regimen” dosage.

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