Status update

Moho air conditioner repairs – appear to work. Saved a bundle of $$$ and problems by doing the repairs myself. The real issue was that if I could not repair it myself, it could not be repaired as a replacement unit that would fit original location is no longer available.

A new inverter/charger has been installed. The replacement unit was not a direct dropin, but I managed to get a unit installed nonetheless. $$ and time. I also upgraded to a true sine wave inverter from the old modified sine wave version.

New engine batteries will be installed tomorrow by me after a delay caused by nondescript abdomen pains. This setback has mostly subsided. Suspecting an ulcer, I have switched back to Oxycontin for pain relief to avoid ulcer inducing NSAIDs.

I am currently thinking about a short local journey into New Mexico in March to test systems, and to see how I stand with the Dog that has not been RV initiated yet.

The next issues that I encounter is a round of six tires for about $3500 and possibly a set of eight AGM deep cycle batteries for the solar panels at a cost of about $1600. A trip test will be required to determine the need for the house batteries.

So here I sit, in a house with barred windows, behind a chain link fence, with a nervous dog that seems to think that there is something outside. Maybe I am contemplating the wrong things at the moment.

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