Trip prep #1, Plan B

I had to bite the bullet and acknowledge to the CARE facility in Livingston, TX where I was going to volunteer for the Month of March, that I could not make it because of a power outage in the motorhome. By the time I get the replacement parts shipped to me and get it installed, along with other necessary repairs I possibly could not have met the date.  I simply had too much pressure to accomplish the impossible. The inverter problem popped up unexpectedly, adding more load than I could deal with by March 1, including the 4 day minimum driving time. I was expecting to use one to two weeks getting there to allow easy driving each day and to stop at Escapee Parks that I have never visited.

There is about a 50/50 split in the cause of the inverter problem. First is a end of life inverter that did not survive a modest overload that it should have been able to handle. The second is that my overlooking possible GFCI trip that lead me on a wild goose chase of troubleshooting, blowing the inverter by fumbling test equipment. I will never know it it was the latter, my error, or not.

The good news is that a welding shop which I checked out today can probably provide a solution for some sticky4/0 cable (read: male thumb diameter) extension issues.

Only after the repairs including the incomplete air conditioner are all completed and I am ready to roll, I will recontact CARE to try for a new volunteer date. This may result in being in TX in the hot weather.

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