Barth prep, and dog training

A couple of months ago I had an expensive $$$$ round of postponed maintenance performed on Barth. The largest expense was a new air dryer. May you never need that!

I am planning a March trip to Livingston TX to be a CARE volunteer for the month of March and to check out the CARE facilities and services for future reference. Therefore I have been working on a few convenience changes, screw and bolt tightenings, a major basement a/c repair (not yet tested) and a general cleaning and purification service and a complete maintenance. Replacement basement a/c’s are no longer made. The needed a/c control board is not a Colman, but I found a Coleman repair control board with the help of a RV store. I am installing it myself. May you never need that!

Today I decided that Barth need a loop of a few miles to lubricate everything so as to expose unknown problems. Also, it was the first RV ride of the young and stubborn Lady the Dog, aka LtD. Barth did great. LtD was a nervous wreck, so my trip to TX is going to be a training run, if I do not kill LtD before I get there. I wish AtD (Annie) had lived comfortably to age 29.

Oh, yeah. Due to age, not tread, I need a new round of tires for the trip, and to keep Barth useable for another 8 years. I have been procrastinating over that $3000+ unless I decide to try to stretch them another couple of years. I have had 2 blowouts and though the rear blowouts did not endanger my life, recovery from the desolate locations that road service was required is a big deal with a big rig.

Since blogging in the middle of the day is probably a procrastination, I need to punish my back on more Barth work. But first I need breakfast (it is 2PM!).

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