Blog resurrection after two year hiatus

It was sometime after New Year 2011 that I pulled into Camp Ranch Road. Blogging ceased then. I did not know at the time that it would be an extended hiatus from travel. I did know that my back was very painful.

In many ways a lot has transpired since then. And in many ways very little. The back problems escalated to near incapacitation culmination in a sciatica nerve block injection that was very effective but did nothing for the low back situation. Physical Therapy was a life saver and got me back on my feet in a few months, though far from 100%. It has been a long haul. Pain that is physically unchallenged leads to other maladies. Unfortunately one of them is procrastination which I wrote about some time ago. A couple of amusing but painfully true videos in this blog entry.

And Barth lay dormant, unattended. Water lines froze. Other things aged. Engine maintenance was delayed since I was not traveling.

My loyal and beloved dog Annie finally reached the point that there was only one humane thing to do, have her put down. I probably delayed the inevitable months too long. But she would come to me, look into my eyes, and telepath to me “Not today, please.” Then one day she seemed to be saying “I cannot take this any more.” And she took her last car ride to doggy heaven, as she was surely a good dog. She was 19 years old.

After about a year I decided that it was time to get another dog. Enter Lady, a Aussie that I acquired from Craigslist at an approximate age of 9 months. She is very smart, (“How smart is she?”) so smart that she knows very well what she wants to learn and what is obviously non-rewarding for her. It is a battle of the wills, and so far she is willing me to loose most of the battles. But she is a good companion nonetheless.  She will get the first test of motorhome life shortly which will probably be a brand new war between us.

Enough blogging (journaling?) . That is often a major form of procrastination. And a challenge at my typing speed. More later.

I christen the blog as resurrected with this cuppa Great Value coffee!!

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