Now, what were you saying?

Wisconsin was doing a good job of keeping the talking heads on TV and Radio news busy.

Then there was Egypt, and the news was all Egypt.

Then there was the earthquake.

But very very very soon the tsunami came. So much for the earthquake.

The tsunami gave way to the reactor meltdown.

Though the reactors are still ominously perking, the nuclear emergency was supplanted by the K/Q/G/adaffi affair.
When i heard that at a meeting in Paris today, France was going to take the job of cover for a no-fly-zone, In keeping with France’s reputation, I fully expected France to immediately surrender to K/Q/G/adaffi in Paris.

And thank goodness for Hillary, as she clearly and plainly explained in a short speech, which Obama failed to do in his typical confusing Palin-esque nice sounding but empty speech. But Hillary, I think I would have not informed K/Q/G/adaffi that our troops would not participate in ground action.

The only absolute fact from all this is that there is irrefutable evidence that the news channel talking heads, aka. the media, cannot multitask.

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