HARK! Do I hear a HAARP?

We may not have to wait for the Killer Solar Flare that will arrive later this year.

10’s of 1000’s of birds dead. Millions of fish dead. Worldwide.

The official U.S. explanation: “The birds were scared from their roost in the darkness and, being disoriented by the night, flew en mass into buildings to their death.” Let’s look around their crash site. If they flew into a building and killed themselves accidentally, wouldn’t they slide down the building into a pile on the ground, or would they bounce off the building and disperse themselves over a square mile afterward? Now that is a tough one. Ever had a bird fly into your window? How far did it go afterward?

And I suppose the millions of fish that met their demise worldwide near the same time frame swam into buildings? Obviously that is indisputable.

Enter HAARP, the U.S. instrument to study the effects of allegedly controlled disturbances on the ionosphere. And similar, perhaps more advanced, equipment of foreign competitors. The ionosphere is earth’s protection from the harsh radiation of many kinds from the sun and the universe. So, hey, lets see what happens if we slam it with radio waves and measure the results. What could possibly go wrong?

Ignoring the obvious risks of destruction of the ionosphere, how about standing wave RF interference patterns developing in the earth’s magnetic field that might cause concentrated points of destructive energy at the earth’s surface, i.e. a ‘rogue wave’ effect such as produced by nature in the ocean? Perhaps caused by interference patterns due to the simultaneous operation of multiple systems by competitive countries, i.e. ‘jamming’.

While mad scientists spar with each other in our life-saving ionosphere, what will be the next collateral mass death? The people in concentrated population areas such as Los Angeles or New York? And what if I am wrong! What if it isn’t HAARP? Well, it is something, and you can be sure that it is the responsibility of our or other country’s mad scientists. You can be equally sure that they will never tell the truth.

Perhaps this is the way that former presidential aide John Wheeler met this fate.

“Technology will be the ruination of mankind!” — GarryP

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