At Quechen Paradise Casino, CA

West of Yuma. Getting some dental repairs done, cost of $260 for cleaning, remake a partial with different material, reglue a crown and make a replacement bite protector for night grinding to replace the one I lost. Work to finish Friday.

More trouble with the satellite equipment on Monday mourning, causing a substantial loss of potential gains. Since it is working again now, I am trying to recover the amount I could have made on Monday when I was offline.

I had breakfast at the casino today; pancakes, a cheese blintz, an apple blintz, eggs, six sausage links, two biscuit and gravy, coffee, orange juice, home fry potatoes – about $6.50. I did not look at the rest of the buffet as my two plates were spilling over the edges. I just got back from a bowl of ice cream and a war of wits with a penny slot, $1 invested (my spin-button thumb against their guarantee-you-loose artificial intelligence computer). All that button thumbing wore me out, so time for a nap.

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