Are all-electronic casinos honest?

Regarding the stay at the Quechen Casino in Yuma.

One can accumulate ‘points’ of 100 in the casino and get reimbursed for the $5 RV parking permit. But after twice putting a $1 bill in a penny slot machine, playing one line at one cent at a time, each time running it up to about $3.00, then loosing it all, accumulating 4 points in the process, I figured I would have to play about 48 hours non-stop to get enough points to pay for a night. Or perhaps put in a single $100 bill, run it up to $300, then loose it all. Yeah, that would be the ticket to park free! Very logical.

I wonder, does the casino use artificial intelligence by testing a customer’s play pattern, learning what will tease them as they are tracked around the electronically networked slots on the floor? Probably. Because if one uses the player  card, he is surely tracked by name, machine, score, and yes, his vulnerabilities, weaknesses.But then they knew his weakness as soon as he walked into the building; either gambling, or a big empty gut!

Remember that bastion of truly fair odds, the roulette wheel? Well, the wheel spinner/ball thrower has been replaced by a mechanical contraption that does the same while the player makes electronic bets. Yes, electronic, so the “mechanism” magically knows what everyone has bet. Would they actually use that against the players? A little nudge here, a little wobble there, all imperceptible, of course.

As I frequently say, something like, “Technology will not be the ruination of mankind!”

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