Can you hear me now…

At Death Valley I chatted with a couple of German businessmen with worldwide activities. They stated that the European business community thinks that the US has hit it’s peak and now is on the slide down from world economic dominance, with China taking over the role. Not a setback, but a long term slide downward. I agreed, as the US has handed all manufacturing expertise over to China. Eagerly, I might add. Once manufacturing expertise is gone, it is very difficult to resurrect it. Years ago there was the proud talk of our economy coming into the information age.

Well, folks, you can’t eat information, drive information, or reside in ‘information’! We are, in the blink of an eye, now a society dependent on imports purchased from the country that holds a tremendous amount of our future in the form of bonds and export dependence. Welcome to the ‘information age’! We have traded crafts, skills, trades, and technical leadership for Facebook, Google, Androids and a deluge of political book releases via Kindle. We can pinpoint our position on earth with a clear path to another by a lightweight handheld device as we communicate over it. The simple occurrence of large sunspot activity could destroy all of our information capability in seconds.

Be sure to save enough chocolate syrup to pour over those Adroids when you get hungry.

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