Still at El Capitan casino

The rain has let up, but the skies are still threatening to rain at Hawthorne NV. So home park is still at the casino. I want to move to Walker Lake but I do not want to get Barth tangled in a place that I cannot get out of. That was a problem the last time I was there. A recon trip on Scoot is required, but not until things dry out somewhat. All depends on what El Nino drums up weather-wise. Too warm to move south, to wet to go to the lake, a dilemma! Maybe Judy and Darrel, having talked me into buying a scooter, were right by dumping their scooters! (Will I ever forgive them?  LOL)

The next issue to be confronted, other then weather, is the question: Is it safe to cross the border at Algodones Mx? I need to revisit my dentist.

At casino breakfast I learned that 14 oz. of ham steak is too much for me. So AtD may get a treat today – or not. She is very bored at casino parking lots. I could post a pic, but generally a casino parking lot is not very picturesque!

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