Secret discovered at Uncle Wally’s

Objective: Walker Lake at Hawthorne, NV

Result: Failure – Stopped at Uncle Wally’s, Fallon, NV at about 3PM, for the night.

Reason: A full day of rain, sometimes very heavy. Driving conditions very fatiguing. No pics, obviously, though on a clear day there would have been opportunities.

While asking if they allowed overnight RV parking, I decided to shop for items that were on my shopping list, which was safely tucked into the moho. But first a cup of coffee, people watching at the registers. I noted that almost every basket coming through the line was full over the brim. When shopping, the isles and checkout lines were long. Some shelves were in complete disarray in the food section, looking like monkeys had been there digging for bananas.

I ask a girl that was frustrated because of an empty shelf, if this is a new store. “No,” she replied. So I asked why this Sunday the store was overrun with shoppers. “Stamps,” she replied.

“Stamps?” I queried, manufacturer’s discount coupons coming to mind.

“Yes, food stamps arrive on the first of the month. It always causes this chaos,” the friendly girl replied.

Can you spell b-u-y-i-n-g- v-o-t-e-s? The lower class has been converted to dependent wards of the government. The middle class has been taxed out of existence. The upper class will be taxed until they no longer invest in jobs or charity.

The Obama Plan is right on schedule.

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2 Responses to “Secret discovered at Uncle Wally’s”

  1. Sandy B says:

    You are exactly correct on that vote buying. Me and thee are paying through the nose for the freeloaders (I know, I know…SOME of those folks deserve a helping hand–the fraud overwhelms the good part).

    Stepping down from my soap box…

    • Garry P. says:

      The country needs to re-establish it’s industry base to provide job growth, and promote small business. Unfortunately those currently in power take actions that do just the opposite. Would a change in power provide relief? It is not clear to me that they would. Chaos and nanny-state would probably still prevail.

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