Moving down the coast

Lincoln City, OR – Chinook Winds Casino, on the coast. Parked in the parking lot top tier (top of hill). Dozens of RVs parked here. Two plates filled (and emptied) forĀ  $12.00. The have a desert chef preparing special thingies, but I had no room for desert. A top notch buffet, except that the prime rib could have been better. Not complaining, just saying…

Is this free? I dunno, but I will probably find out.

101 is a tough drive down the coast. Twisty/windy, many sub-55 speed zones. Not-so-gently undulating roads. Construction. Makes for a long drive even with short miles.

I paused in Astoria long enough to visit the Maritime Museum. Not bad, except I did not appreciate the inclusion of US Navy stuff. The museum is for the Columbia and it’s intersection of the Pacific, the Coast Guard, and local river commerce. Thank goodness that they left out Lewis and Clark, as the OR/WA junction is obsessed and saturated with L&C attractions. But glad I stopped.

I really enjoyed “paradise” in the rain forest at Goldies, but… oh, well, never mind.

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