Still at Long Beach

UPDATE: I spent hours touring the Southern end of the peninsula, at the mouth of Cape Disappointment at the mouth of Columbia R., taking over 35 photos. Since I do not have them, no doubt they were every one good pictures! The camera captured not a single one. Intermittent cameras are no fun, so I am stopping pictures until I can get reliable camera.

I pixxed away a couple of clear and warm days doing nothing. So I went out to see the south end of the peninsula this morning, but turned around when I realized that it was getting foggier and cooler. Since I wanted some pics, not a good visibility day. Yesterday’s stroll over to the seaside beach was a disappointment, pic wise, because I was reminded that one cannot take a pic of a beach when standing on the beach, unless it is of peeps. Since I was the only person there, the pics were blah. But the beach was nice and white and sandy. Annie did not get to go as it was too long a walk for her, over a half mile.

So I returned from the morning scoot ride after a couple of Cousin Mac’s sausage sandwiches, with a coffee warm up. Then I tackled a few Barth chores, adjusting bay door latches, cleaning the solar panels and looking for the source of a roof leak – did not find it.

Then I embarked on repair of a wiper motor problem which turned out to be a loose wire. The assembly had to be removed to fix the problem… an all afternoon job with challenges. At least I did not have to spend $100’s for parts and labor.

I am hoping for sun tomorrow so I can tour the peninsula of Long Beach. I checked the weather now, and it says that the sky is sunny, cloudy tomorrow. Like I believe that. There has been no sun since 10 AM. Youse get what you see. Web weather forecasts are useless, especially coastal.

There are two dogs other than Annie, really friendly, nice dogs. But of course Annie gets limited outdoor time because of her non-stop barking at them. Funny, one of them, a swimmer, was in the fresh water Lake at the back of Goldie’s property, for the umpteeneth time, but got out on the wrong side. The owner had to use a boat to retrieve her. I couldn’t hide my chuckles.

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