Where is Casper?

In hell, no doubt. Today’s temp 100 +/-, depending on which thermo one peers at. Fortunately it is a dry heat. Arrival time was 2 PMish, and a slight hint of cooling is occurring at 8 PM.

Not much travel news. Arrived and parked. Grouchy because of no afternoon nap, too hot. Loooong warm drives through WY somewhat boring. No National Forests to camp in. No BLM to camp at. Highways are lonely and lonesome. I entertain myself by watching my mirrors.

Watching that cowboy in the pickup towing four horses struggle to get around my 60 mph’s. Don’t like driving 5 mph below the speed limit, eh? It doesn’t matter, they will break the speed limit to catch me just so they can pass, even if I drive at 75 mph. They just can’t stand to have a motorhome in front of them! So driving a little slower is safer than driving at the speed limit. Besides, I like to see the cowboy drop back when I top a hill at 60 in 6th, maybe 5th, without loosing a single mph.

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