Overnighting in Riverside Cafe parking lot

Still heading north at a too-rapid a pace. I cannot find a cool spot to camp or park. Last night was spent in the parking lot of the Riverside Fireside restaurant by a highway, not a river; facing gas pumps, not a fire. Not even a fireplace. But good food at a reasonable price, for a pleasant change. The temperature was in the 90’s and finally cooled about 8:30 PM. Baggs, WY, population 348.

Crossing the border between CO and WY was stunning in the traffic pattern. I was suddenly immersed in a sea of horses and horse trailers (and semi’s). Wyomians sure love their horses. If I had to guess, the local commerce is probably based on horsetrading, much like Wall Street.

About to depart for the cool in the North. Ha! Altitude is the key, but I am currently on a raod at 6000 feet, no relief here.

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