Discovering the Kindle

I went on search for a digital voltmeter after calls to Radio Shack and Nappa. I finally found the RS store, out of stock, which they failed to tell me on the phone. I went to nearby NAPPA. Too expensive. I asked where else I might find one. Maybe at Walmart, he says. I say, where is Walmart. I am a RVer, and I can usually smell them ten miles away. Across the street, he says. The sign is down because they are remodeling. My jaw dropped to the floor. I actually missed Uncle Wally’s? I found the perfect voltmeter there, cheap. Gotta recal my nose. Must be the altitude.

I asked the fellows at Uncle Wally’s where I might find a different auto parts store, as I was still in search for a cig lighter voltmeter to monitor engine battery voltage (important when parked for a week or two). Quest in Silverthorne. No luck there, but I did stumble upon a Target store. And there I stumbled upon the Kindle. But out of stock. But I now know where to find a Kindle without the hassle of trying to figure out a shipping point en route. Always a hassle.

Quiz: Do you have a Kindle? Use it, or did it become an expensive paperweight?

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  1. Fred says:

    Hi Gary;
    I bought my wife the Nook brand, which is just about the same as a Kindle. All I can say is that it is saving me many $$$ from her not buying real books. She uses it all the time. She said it took about a week to get used to it but now she just loves it. I see her using it every day.
    My advice, if you buy books, buy the Nook or Kindle. You will save yourself some $$$.

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