Departed Denver in search of cooler weather – found it!

Arrived at Peak One primitive CG near Frisco on the Dillon Reservoir. Nice relatively short  drive from Denver, day-tripish, except that the mountains were attention-demanding in the Barth.

I stopped at the NFS info center in Dillon to get info about the likely camp grounds for my needs. They were very informative and gave me a good area map. Fortunately a suitable site just became empty before my arrival. Open area due to disease wiping out most of the trees. The reservoir is in sight, but the site is not on the lake. Just as well as I do not have to put up with those pesky fishermen!

I am just a few miles from multiple ski areas, Breckenridge being nearby. I may scoot to some of the ski area villages while here and have some exceptionally expensive and mediocre meals.

Pics later.

Tags: Frisco CO, Summit County CO

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