A suggestion to Taos-ians and you too!

I like your town. I like the friendly locals. But come on now, bombarding the entire town with music (music?) that invades the entire business district with a noise level similar to that used by the U.S. military to dislodge Manuel Noriega (see footnote)  is in my not-so-humble opinion is not the way to enhance the town’s image.

I fully realize that this is a generational based opinion. But would it be unreasonable for the town fathers (and mothers)  to consider moving the commotion slightly out of the downtown area. Serenade only those that want to be serenaded.

Some Progressive Democrats (note the caps) probably would relate my opinion to my being ultra conservative. But this is only a symptom of the current political climate. Every opinion that one utters today must be classified into a political stance. Opinions are not allowed. Heaven forbid, if you like your private peace and quiet, you are a gun-toting, church hugging bad-ass conservative. If you like kickass hard-rock metal in every corner of the county, you are a ban-everything and control-all-that-is-left ultra liberal.

Listen up, America. Let people have a personal opinion about individual issues without being assigned any label! People, be brave enough to have your own opinions without joining a political cult! Progressives, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, if conscripted to without thinking, are cults! People, if you avoid cults, and think, you will probably be, dare I say it, a moderate! And you will be exactly what this country needs now. Avoid the convenient titles and think for yourself. Have you forgotten how to think for yourself?

In the meantime I will be sure to check the Taos town’s event calender to be sure that I am not passing through during an ‘event’.  No doubt the loss of my megabucks of spending willingness will sway the town into heading my recommendation.

Footnote: (1989) – Down in Panama, outside the Vatican embassy, the U.S. Southern Command — armed to the teeth and encircling the whole compound — is licking its chops. Manuel Noriega is inside. United States forces have heard that he is superstitious, that he wears red underpants to ward off evil demons. And so, to irritate and intimidate him (and to enjoy themselves in the process), the Americans set up their “ghetto blasters” or some Latin American equivalent, and blast the Vatican embassy with some good ol’ kickass American rock ‘n’ roll — Guns ‘n’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” is the first song to come roaring through the speakers.

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