Mountain pass scooting – Enchanted Circle

Despite clouds, I went scooting today. Part of the Enchanted Circle. Despite clouds, I did not take complete gear. Decision #1 was questionable, decision #2 was unfortunate.

Taos to Eagles Nest over Palo Flechado Pass. Dry and cloudy on the near side, sprinkles and sleet, thunderstorms on far side. Lunch of deep fried chicken was enjoyed by all, including me. tourists (some of them bikers) and the locals at Eagles Nest D&D restaurant. Want to keep it always good? Keep it simple.  Main menu is hamburger in six barely distinguishable variations (“never frozen”), and on some days a daily special, which today was deep fried chicken, potatoes, salad, home baked sweet bread, drink. Seeing lightning strike the mountains all around, and reports of rain by the arrive-ers, the decision was made to eat and kill time, a lot of time.

The decision was finally made to go to Red River. I thought I had never been there, but alas I recognized it. But it has grown into a more mature town now. I don’t think I have ever snow skied there, though. The ski area Angle Fire on a mountain in the valley that hosts Eagles nest was bypassed, as locals, including one that lives there, told me that there is nothing much there, and that what is there is closed in the summer (you could have convinced me it was not summer there today!).

The trip to Red River was interesting, to say the least. Going through the mountain pass (hard Pock Pass, I think) presented a surprise. A small amount of snow/sleet slush was on the road for about 2 miles. Now, I am not a racer in curves on scoot anyways, But the icy stuff scared the… well, you get the picture.

Fortunately I survived the slush, except for the face and body full that I got from the tires of a car I met. Thank goodness for the face mask even if the clarity of vision was drastically reduced.

No camera. No pictures. But I am thinking about getting a helmet cam as the pics from scoot’s adventures could be interesting, and obtainable, as I would not have to stop. And that is a good thing as I don’t like to stop to take pictures.

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