Awaking in Taos

It was about 6 am. Noises. Noises still at 6:30 am. Time to check this out, am I about to be towed?

You see, Barth is parked at a paved pullout in front of the the Taos Municipality building and library. A quiet place. Very little traffic. No permission, so I awaited the tap of the police on the door all night. But fortunately it never cam. But this morning… noises!

A peak outside revealed that Barth was surrounded by cars, constantly coming and going. Yikes, the cars go far beyond the lens of my camera.

How nice! My hip/leg has been curtailing my walking ability, so Taos was nice to deliver the entertainment to my door step, literally! A Farmer’s Market!

So, after the first cuppa’ I ventured out. A ‘fried pie’ was bought from this lady. She was reluctant to have her pic on the web, whatever that is, but finally relented. I avoided her Prune Pie as I expected that it was not detoxed!

There was entertainment, a banjo-ist from VA passing through on vacation , and a local Mexican duet.

For breakfast I had a locally made burrito, the lil o’  ladies apple pie, topped off by local honey from a bee keeper. He gave me an eloquent explanation of the honeys offered. But long-story-short the difference is due to the blossoms made available by the placement of the hives.

Ok, as I type this, the Market visitors as well as some of the merchants have turned over a few times. Since the market will be here 5 hours today and 5 hours tomorrow. I will watch the movie out my window. And maybe go back to visit the lady selling potted basil.

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5 Responses to “Awaking in Taos”

  1. I hope it rains out their damn festival.

  2. Well, I thought that Taos drivers were courteous for a while. Seemed so. But they have now blocked me in. First in the rear so that I can not unload scoot, leaving on my feet for transportation. Then they blocked me in front, two cars parked where I left a turn radius to get out of the pullout. If it clears tonight, I will pull up enough to allow only one space there, and put something in it. Who knows, it may not clear until Monday. Stupid me for not being alert. The Tao folks may be polite, but the thugs that come in from nearby cities like Santa Fe are thugs.

  3. Wow, no senior rates?

  4. Taos is not new to me, I have been here several times. And this time they are as expensive as ever – the entrance to the ‘Fest is $50/day. So I did not go. Had a milkshake lunch instead. – $5.00

  5. I told you Taas was a neat place to visit….But maby not in a MH.

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