A quick pie

Pie called. The Pie-o-neer is within a dog’s walk. A snack and a pie were before closing for the next three days. Tomorrow points north beckon.

Kathy was hiding with back turned, until I threatened to post a picture of her “better side.”

Kathy in the kitchen

To my surprise, Megan was still working at the cafe after a year. I guess she is a cowgirl at heart after all, a cowgirl from the east!

Megan, Joe and Kathy. Stan the Bass Man was elsewhere taking care of chores.

I think I have figured out why I like the Pie-o-neer Cafe. When I look back into prior lives, especially my snow skiing days, I remember friendly, carefree ski lodges, restaurants and sometimes bars empty of customers except for our group because we were the only ones to concur the travel in the snow. Impromptu singins, the emergence of instruments locally and players from our group, persons that no one realized were players. Loud renditions of Alice’s Restaurant sometimes erupted.

Megan and Joe

A fond adieu  to the Pie-o-neer until Spring 2011. Kathy, Stan, Megan, you had better still be here! I’ll be looking for my slice of Very Berry a la mode. Joe, your songs were most enjoyable! Thanks.

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