Moab, UT (Arches National Park)

Where is the KOA Campground, Moab, UT?

Moab, and the area around it, has breathtaking red-rock scenery. The red’s here are more impressive than Sedona, AZ. The landscape challenges Canyon de Chelly, AZ. The shear impact approaches that of the stark mountains in the Banff, Canada vacinity. In short, beautiful, with a photo op every direction that one looks! Even the town is surrounded by shear walls of red. One takes a few photos and then puts away the camera and says “Ahhhhhh…”. Same as I did in Banff/Jasper,

A couple of unworthy examples:

I found a great mechanic in Moab that came to the RV park and replaced the outside seals on my front wheel bearings. They had to be fixed, or I would have had a wheel siezure before I got home, and trust me, you do not want that!

I have not been able to locate the tires I want in Moab, so I will pray these get to Tucson. I don’t really want another blowout.

Plans are to pull out of Moab tomorrow, and on the way out of town I will have the mechanic check/adjust my rear brakes. He could not do that today because I was out sightseeing when he came to fix the bearings, and the brakes cannot be adjusted without air pressure.

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