Firefighters Campground, Flaming Gorge Recreation Area, UT

Where is Firefighters Campground?

I arrived here 3 days ago, with intention to stay only 1 night. But I came down with a cold on the way, and was looking through watery eyes, not a good thing. The cold turned out to be a real pain in the arse, settling into my head and lungs simultaneously. I grabbed some Contact and resigned to do nothing until it passed.

After 3 days of telling dog how awful I felt, I finally moved on. Dog was very sympathetic. My destination is Moab, UT a place I have often heard of, but never visited. I anticipate only one more stop between Moab and home: somewhere in the Hannigan Meadows area of AZ.

The Flaming Gorge area is really a beautiful area, with a large lake that local boaters and fishermen love, judging from the activity.

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