Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, WY

Where is Generic Campground near Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, WY?

I Made a rather quick, direct drive through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. I have been there before. Also, the crowds were unbelievable. There was some animal near the road and dozens of cars stopped on both sides of the road, completely haphazard. I arrived upon this roadblock in Barth. I started muscling my way through the mess, with inches to spare. Finally started directing approaching traffic with hand signals through the windshield. “You, stop.” “You, proceed past me.” I inch forward one car length, which clears a car in the rear, allows one car to pass, then do it all over again. I just wanted to shut it down and curl up on the bed!

No photos. Having been there, I was not awed. Also, I picked up a cold somewhere, and felt like crap, still do. Also, the Tetons were enshrouded by smoke based haze.

Drove too long again, finally about dark found a campground that was full, but agreed to allow me to park in their picnic area for one night if I leave early. So I did.

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