Switzer Provincial Park (Graveyard Campground)

Where is Graveyard Campground?

Today I drove back to Grand Prairie and made arrangements for road service to put my spare tire on the Barth. Emergency Road Service paid all but $28.00, and the $20.00 tip I gave the guy. Probably cost ERS a few hundred. I am now without a spare tire. I decided to try to make it home on these tires, and put new ones on after the trip. The tires cost $100.00 more each in Canada than in the US.

I am near the entry to the forest where Jasper, Banff, etc. are located. But I may stay at this spot an additional night or two and just kick back. It may be a suitable place from which to do some day trips.

Graveyard is a nice, small campground, near some larger ones. It has no hookups. It is not in trees, rather a nice grassy spot beside lakes and a nice little creek, only has space for 5 or so parties.

While here I visited with a family from nearby Hinton:

Left to right is Roger, son Jeremiah, and friend Gilbert. They invited me over for a cheese burger and fries, and we had some great discussions about Canada, RVing, etc. Really nice folks!

It rained bigtime last night, and the spot that I found to get off the hiway yesterday was about 1 inch of sticky clay this morn, so between Annie and myself, the MH is again a mess, especially the floors.

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