56 Miles South of Grand Prairie, AB, Canada [BLOWOUT]

Where did the blowout occur?

Had a nice day, continuing to and visiting the town of Tumblers Ridge, viewing dinosaur tracks in rocks beside a creek, some beautiful country.

Dino tracks looked like this:

Returned to Dawson Creek to resume my route through Alberta. In Grand Prairie Annie and I took an extended rest by walking around the lake in the town park, a distance of about 6 KM. I got orientation at the visitor’s center, and we headed off to Jasper.

About an hour out of Grand Prairie, as I was wishing a nice place to stop for the night would emerge, a blowout announced it’s arrival with a very large shotgun – like bang. A cloud of dust was visible in the rear view mirror. Fortunately, initial impression is that no other systems were damaged by the carcass. Since the shoulder proved to be too soft to support the Barth, I slowly drove until I found a side road to pull into for the night.

The Tire:

So here I sit, cocked sideways (should be interesting staying on the bed tonight), waiting to try to solve my woes tomorrow. This will obviously be a delay of a day or three, depending on tire availability, etc.

Annie thinks it is great. She was tired of traveling for the day.

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