Near Chetwynd, BC, Canada

Where is pullout near Chetwynd?

A beautiful spot, all alone except for the occasional traffic (every 20 – 40 minutes or so until 11 PM, then virtually nothing). Oh, also for the mystery hoofs. As I was finishing a novel, I heard the sound of crunching gravel outside. Someone running up to the Barth? Let’s take a quick look.

There was a Moose running down the shoulder f the road, a small calf struggling to keep up. She ran a few hundred feet and thankfully found a way off the roadway. Know what, to be honest, the moose is not the most beautiful beast on earth, but she sure can run gracefully, fluid in motion!

Today I took the road to Hudson Hope, paused in that small town, both road and town not existing until two hydroelectric plants were built nearby. Interesting tours of the plants, and a dinner out consisting of some pork concoction.

I am currently about half way between Chetwynd and Tumbler ridge, which I will visit tomorrow.

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