Fort Nelson, BC, Canada

Where is Fort Nelson?

After an early departure, and a long drive, I landed just South of Ft.Nelson at a RV Park by a truck stop. Not an ideal location, but it has no trees, so I can get i-net signal as well as XM radio. Not that reading isn’t a good break from driving and seeing, it is nice to have outside contact again. I might point out that when I switched satellites for internet, I gave up TV (I could manually aim for it, but I was never motivated). I had prerecorded 100 hours of movies from DirecTV onto video recorder, but have watched not a single one!

I saw many of these today:

In fact there was a whole herd of them. I would have gotten out of the Barth and made enough shots to fill a table top photo book, but the sheep were in the pullout. I stopped and stared for a while, but decided I didn’t want to be rear-ended by that occasional semi. Ahh… too bad.

Yesterday I drove the Campbell Highway, by far the dustiest highway so far. This is what my Jeep engine compartment looked like when I opened the hood to jump start it this afternoon (I left the aux brake on over too many nights):

Note that the outside has already been pressure washed earlier today.

Unfortunately, my whole MH is similar inside. I am sitting a day or two to clean up inside the Barth and Jeep, since I should be on no more dirt roads, except for road repairs.

I did not show them in the pict, but I now have two broken headlamps, two broken fog lights, and a cracked windsheld on the Jeep. I have had some very hard hits on the Barth windshield, but so far it has held it own. Most of the Jeep damage came from my own tires on the MH. I don’t need headlights up here, it never gets dark, till winter, then it never gets daylight.

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    Hey Garry,
    When will you have your tour completed?

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